Exclusive Information from Team Bush Home Selling Team Not too long ago we heard one of our favorite leaders say these words: “Direction, not intention, determines your destination”.  That stuck with us.  We don’t know about you but it seems daily we battle keeping our mind and feet on aRead More →


Exclusive Information from the Team Bush Home Selling Team INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Investing in Real Estate and how to make Passive Income Building Wealth in Real Estate What Homes Are Selling For In Your Neighbourhood Sending Kids to Summer Camp! Investing in Real Estate and “Passive Income” We get aRead More →

David Ramsey is an expert on getting your finances in order and he has posted this advice on Real Estate which we would totally endorse. Smart Advice for Selling Your Home: 4 Common Questions Answered Selling your home is serious business. Between fixing it up and getting it sold, you’veRead More →

Garden Social

Neighbor saying Goodbye While doing some late night gardening after a walk around the neighborhood with Craig a big black pick up truck pulled up and out came a lovely lady who I had not seen for some time.  She was a neighbor in our survey. She was coming by toRead More →