Meet Rose Ritchi from Organize Me Please – Burlington‘s #1 Professional Organizer who specializes in residential organizing in the GTHA area! We sat down with Rose to learn more about her services and how they can benefit our clients. Watch the video below to learn some tips to help youRead More →


(NC) Ever feel like you need a holiday from the holidays? The last few weeks of the year can be hectic, so it’s a smart, sane move to take steps early on to prevent stress and sail through the season.   Prep your home now. Guests are more interested in yourRead More →

Spring Cleaning Get a jump on your spring cleaning with some tips that’ll leave every corner in your home spotless in no time. Make it part of your routine. If you wait to clean and tidy up once a week, a month or even a season, you’re setting yourself up forRead More →

“Thou Shall Prosper” Like most I did not grow up a rich kid.  I recall when I was young I received an allowance, but only if I completed specific chores around the house.  I also remember being incentivized by my parents for doing extra work around the house to earnRead More →

Did you know that phantom power can cost approximately the same amount as running a second fridge? Also known as phantom load or standby power, phantom power is the energy consumption that is being drawn by many household gadgets, electronic devices and appliances while they are switched off or notRead More →

Consider your hallways as an extension of any room in your house, be it your dining room, kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom. Small spaces with plenty of foot traffic should not be left bare. For most homeowners, it’s important to make the most of every room and wall, even those transitional spaces that areRead More →

Downsizing or Transitioning from a home to an apartment or care facility can be an overwhelming experience; however a Book written by Susan Bewsey “Estate Downsizing for Caregivers” through SelfCounsel Press is an excellent resource with lots of charts and check lists to help you, as a caregiver or as the oneRead More →

Your home is an investment in living as well as in savings. If neglected, it will pay no dividends. If properly maintained and improved, it will pay a high yield in comfort and usefulness for your family and in avoidance of costly repair bills. Home improvements also tend to raiseRead More →

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I use to start decorating November 1st. but then my daughter Caty reminded me to at least wait until after Remembrance Day and I thought this was a good idea. So the reason I like to get started early is toRead More →

As we de-cluttered and changed up the flooring and paint our old style did not fit. The tables that use to be covered with table clothes did not suit the new clean uncluttered look. I thought that re-finishing the dining room table would give it a new life. That wasRead More →