If you’ve owned your current home for many years, you may find that a lot has changed in the real estate world. Understanding what has changed can come in handy when you’re entering the market for the first time in a while.

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1. Buyers and sellers have more access to info Real estate advice and trends are easily available online at any time. Today, many buyers turn to the online Multiple Listing Service® at REALTOR.ca to see what homes are available for sale. The accessible, up-to-date system is a big upgrade from paper-based listings.

2. Real estate professionals are more accessible Cell phones and mobile technologies have made brokers and salespersons easier to reach, so when you need guidance or advice, you’re more likely to get a quick response. Call us at 905-297-4885 if you have any questions. We are your #1 resource for Real Estate news.

3. Commerce is conducted electronically Transactions often take place electronically as well. Contracts can be signed with electronic signatures, offers can be submitted via email, and money can be transferred electronically too. This can make the buying and selling process more efficient, if you choose to take this approach.

4. Real estate professionals can offer specialized service Boomers have unique needs when it comes to buying or selling real estate. The real estate profession has responded to this reality, and there are now brokers and salespersons who specialize in serving the boomer market. Coleen Bush is a certified Senior Real Estate agent, call us today for any questions you may have!

5. The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) is looking out for consumers The Ontario government created RECO in 1997 to protect home buyers and sellers. That means enforcing rules and a code of ethics for real estate professionals, and providing helpful advice to home buyers and sellers. RECO also provides insurance that protects your deposit payment when it is held by a registered brokerage.

One thing hasn’t changed: the knowledge and experience of a real estate professional can be very valuable when you’re buying or selling your home. A broker or salesperson can help you navigate the process and provide key advice. Before you choose a representative, ask friends or family if they’ve worked with anyone they would recommend. Be sure to interview a few candidates to ask them about their approach to the buying and selling process, their experience, the services they will offer, and the fees and commission they will charge. It’s also a good idea to ask for references and actually contact them. A lot has changed in the real estate world, but the changes have provided a lot of benefits for home buyers and sellers.

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