There’s no denying the allure of touring a luxury home, even when it’s way over your budget. So, here’s what the wealthy will be adding to their property wish lists in 2017.



Automatic Everything

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Luxury homes are destined to be a part of the digital age. With everything from heated-floor temperatures to video home-security check-ins, homeowners will be given global access to their home’s inner workings no matter where they physically are in the world.


Bathroom Bliss

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Regular ole showers and standard tubs no longer cut it. When well-heeled shoppers are looking for a luxury home, the bathroom should resemble the spa at their favourite Four Seasons, rather than on in a single-family dwelling. A separate steam shower and an extra large soaker tub are a must!


Work Life Balance

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In a move to make your favourite international cuisine anything your little hear desires, the latest kitchen appliance to find its way into luxury homes is a built-in wok. They’re equipped with high-quality overhead exhaust systems, so even if the wontons burn you won’t smell any smoke.


Outdoor Living

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In a bid to make more of the Great Outdoors- but with the comfort of the indoors, of course- fully weatherproofed exterior living spaces are sprouting up in luxury constructions. Kitted-out barbecuing areas, brick pizza ovens and heated patios are a part of what’s taking luxe properties to the next level.



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Speaking of heated areas, an interesting (an very expensive) trend in luxury properties that are “blessed” with four seasons is the advent of the heated driveway. Yep, worry no more about snow-covered walkways or icy pacing stones- a subterranean heating system will melt and dry it all away!


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