Do you need to De-Clutter? Feeling overwhelmed & chaotic?

Take a DEEP Breath! Now Let it out…

Organized Home

Breaking up tasks & working on each room in your home plus spreading it out to work on it over a week makes decluttering less scary.

Tackle objects in each room, get rid of anything that has not been used in the last 6 months. Clean & wash all surfaces.

Follow this Checklist to help get your Home Organized!

Week One: Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers

Week Two: Kitchen Counters (clear off counter), Flooring (pull out stove, fridge & anything else & clean), Above the Fridge (remove objects & clean surface) & Sink.

Week Three: Pantry & Food Storage Areas

Week Four: Refrigerator and Freezer

Week Five: Recipes – Do you have cook books, recipe cards, etc. Organize them together in a container, drawer or cupboard.

Week Six: Recycling/Trash Cans

Week Seven: Coupons/Flyers

Week Eight: Meal Planning/Grocery Shopping – make a list

Week Nine: Address Book – update

Week Ten: Mail

Week Eleven: Organize your monthly bills – pay bills (Contact Bank to schedule bill payments)

Week Twelve: Receipts & Tax Documents

Week Thirteen: Filing System

Week Fourteen: Magazines & Newspapers (Get rid of anything that is not from the last 3 months)

Week Fifteen: Passwords, manuals, warranties

Week Sixteen: Home Office

Week Seventeen: Cleaning Supplies

Week Eighteen: Bathroom

Week Nineteen: Medicines – clean out cupboards & cabinets (take expired medication to pharmacy for disposal)

Week Twenty: Entryway, mudroom, closet

Week Twenty-One: Living Room/Family Room

Week Twenty Two: Dining Room/Eating Areas

Week Twenty Three: Laundry Room

Week Twenty Four: Laundry Baskets/hampers

Week Twenty Five: Purses, bags, briefcases, school bags

Week Twenty Six: Books

Week Twenty Seven: CD’s, DVD’s, records, tapes

Week Twenty Eight: Photographs

Week Twenty Nine: Crafts

Week Thirty: Vehicles

Week Thirty One: Pets

Week Thirty Two: Yard/Garden

Week Thirty Three: Basement, Storage Areas

Week Thirty Four: Homework area, kids play area

Week Thirty Five: Linen Closet

Week Thirty Six: Master Bedroom Closet

Week Thirty Seven: Seasonal Clothing switch

Week Thirty Eight: Master Bedroom

Week Thirty Nine: Garage

Week Forty: Attic

Week Forty One: Jewelry/accesories/belts/scarves

Weekly Forty Two: Shoes

Weekly Forty Three: Cosmetics, Makeup, perfume,

Weekly Forty Four: Other Bedroom Closets

Weekly Forty Five: Bedrooms

Week Forty Six: Toys & Games

Week Forty Seven: Personal home inventory

Week Forty Eight: Storing china, crystal & silverware

Week Forty Nine: Heirlooms

Week Fifty: Christmas Decorations

Week Fifty One: Wrapping Paper and supplies

Weekly Fifty Two:  Calendar – fill in birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, vacations

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