A new report warns Hamilton’s real estate market will stay red hot as others across the country start to cool. That good-for-sellers-bad-for-buyers news from the Conference Board of Canada’s resale market snapshot, issued Friday, signals increasing competition for homes and rising prices across the market. Robin Wiebe, the board’s seniorRead More →

If you have wanted to get into Real Estate Investing, there are several different ways. As with any investment, the opportunities range in complexity, risk level, and ease of entry. This article introduces some of the more common approaches to real estate investments.  Which should you choose? That depends on yourRead More →

Halloween is meant to be scary, but a fun kind of scary – so it’s important to remember safety first amid all of the tricks and treats. “The main thing is to consider the age of the child,” says Kathy Macdonald, acting sergeant with the Calgary Police Service. The following tipsRead More →

It’s bad news for clients in Ontario – and one that could have a lasting effect on broker business – still the industry is bracing for an influx in business prior to a new tax being enacted. The Liberal government is planning to permit all municipalities in Ontario to doubleRead More →

(NC) There are several things you can do to achieve a kitchen that’s closer to the one you dream of without the hassle of large scale renovations that involve knocking down walls and replacing every appliance you own. Elegant, inviting, sleek, trendy, and warm – these are how you wantRead More →

(NC) The availability of information via the Internet makes doing just about anything by ourselves seem possible, but is it wise to take all matters into our own hands? “When it comes to selling a home, you may want to consider working with a real estate professional,” says Pat Verge,Read More →

Many people want to invest in real estate because they think it’s an easy way to make money. That isn’t necessarily the case. Here’s a list of common mistakes even smart investors make: Mistake #1:  Not Doing Your Homework Mistake #2:  Not Finding The Right Property Mistake #3   Failing ToRead More →

(NC) So you’re ready to spread your wings and fly – into the nest of homeownership? It’s an exciting step and since it may be the biggest purchase of your life, it is also normal to feel some nerves. In fact, there’s a lot to know as the new kidRead More →

(NC) When fall comes, the days get shorter and there is a chill in the air. We start decorating our homes again, anticipating the holiday season and the long winter ahead. Kim Kiner, an expert with Hunter Douglas, a leading window treatment company, offers the following tips for warming upRead More →

(NC) Too many homeowners make home maintenance an annual event. They often use spring cleaning as the only excuse to get things done around the house. In reality, proper home maintenance should be done year-round – even for a brand new home. The Fall in particular offers some essential maintenanceRead More →