Exclusive Information from Team Bush Home Selling Team Not too long ago we heard one of our favorite leaders say these words: “Direction, not intention, determines your destination”.  That stuck with us.  We don’t know about you but it seems daily we battle keeping our mind and feet on aRead More →


Exclusive Information from the Team Bush Home Selling Team INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Investing in Real Estate and how to make Passive Income Building Wealth in Real Estate What Homes Are Selling For In Your Neighbourhood Sending Kids to Summer Camp! Investing in Real Estate and “Passive Income” We get aRead More →

Downsizing or Transitioning from a home to an apartment or care facility can be an overwhelming experience; however a Book written by Susan Bewsey “Estate Downsizing for Caregivers” through SelfCounsel Press is an excellent resource with lots of charts and check lists to help you, as a caregiver or as the oneRead More →

David Ramsey is an expert on getting your finances in order and he has posted this advice on Real Estate which we would totally endorse. Smart Advice for Selling Your Home: 4 Common Questions Answered Selling your home is serious business. Between fixing it up and getting it sold, you’veRead More →

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I use to start decorating November 1st. but then my daughter Caty reminded me to at least wait until after Remembrance Day and I thought this was a good idea. So the reason I like to get started early is toRead More →

As we de-cluttered and changed up the flooring and paint our old style did not fit. The tables that use to be covered with table clothes did not suit the new clean uncluttered look. I thought that re-finishing the dining room table would give it a new life. That wasRead More →

  I realized that some stages have built in momentum.  When the painter is coming you have to be ready and packed or the flooring people need rooms cleared and furniture moved.  It is easy to implement the action plan because you have a built in time line.   IRead More →

I have heard the saying that you must walk in the other persons shoes before you know what they are going through. I have found this to be especially true, with our decluttering  project. We often give advice as to what to do to get your home ready for the market; the mainRead More →

Yesterday we met with a client that has been De-cluttering and getting ready for the Downsize move. We had met with her back in March and gave her some tips to get her home ready. She was a good student. We walked into her home and it was neutrally paintedRead More →