(NC) Since the festivities are over, it’s time to take back control of your personal finances, especially if you spent more than you intended. Everybody knows that the holidays can quickly become expensive in terms of gifts, trips and dinners. If you have exceeded your budget and are in debt,Read More →


How long have you been an active, full-time real estate agent? How many homes have you listed in the last 6 months? The past year? How many homes have you sold in the last 6 months? The past year? How many homes have you successfully sold in my area inRead More →

Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid 1. Going with the agent who promises you the highest sale price, the most amount of money (even if the price seems unrealistic) 2. Choosing the agent who promises to save you money by discounting the commission rate 3. Choosing the “nicest” agent 4. ChoosingRead More →


“It is best to remove your pets from the house BEFORE you start moving your possessions. Allowing your pets to roam free in the house while the front door is propped wide open, and people are rushing in and out lugging boxes and furniture, just creates a recipe for disaster.”Read More →

(NC) Winter weather can wreak havoc on homes and gardens across Canada. Complete this home maintenance checklist from The Home Depot Canada before the warm weather breaks to ensure your outdoor space is ready for spring enjoyment. 1.If your home experienced any leaking or flooding, you must first dry outRead More →

Downsizing or Transitioning from a home to an apartment or care facility can be an overwhelming experience; however a Book written by Susan Bewsey “Estate Downsizing for Caregivers” through SelfCounsel Press is an excellent resource with lots of charts and check lists to help you, as a caregiver or as the oneRead More →

(NC) Last winter reminded us why so many Canadians pack up and head south with the birds. If you plan to vacation for an extended period of time this year, Hydro One has some helpful tips to protect your home and your wallet: Electronic devices left plugged in, even whenRead More →

Do you need to De-Clutter? Feeling overwhelmed & chaotic? Take a DEEP Breath! Now Let it out… Breaking up tasks & working on each room in your home plus spreading it out to work on it over a week makes decluttering less scary. Tackle objects in each room, get ridRead More →