Get the Highest Price You Can When You Sell Your Home.  For most home sellers, getting top dollar is number one on the list of goals when the sell their home, but most feel ill-equipped to achieve this goal. Since market factors can cause large swings, pricing a home isRead More →


For the last couple of years, much of the Canadian real estate market has been tilted in favour of sellers. More recently, the pendulum has swung toward buyers amid slowing sales activity, moderating prices, and broader economic uncertainty. Although there is still a considerable national housing shortage, half of Canadian housing marketsRead More →

Preparing your home to get top dollar


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5 Factors To Consider When Relocating


(NC) Has the pandemic made you think about making a big move? If so, you’re not alone — semi-rural and country life have become more attractive to many people craving more space. In fact, one in three Canadians are considering relocating, according to a recent survey by insurance company AvivaRead More →

Buyer Mistake

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Tips to Make Your Move Easier on Your Pets Moving can be hard on everyone involved. Adults, kids, and yes…even your pets! While your pet may not understand exactly what is going on, they can sense the stress (good or bad) that the whole family is experiencing. Add to thatRead More →

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Buyer Beware No matter which way you look at it buying a home is a major investment. But for many homebuyers, it can be an even more expensive process than it needs to be because many fall prey to at least a few of the many common and costly mistakesRead More →