(NC) Rising energy bills and an increased focus on the environment have led many homeowners to consider solar power. But harnessing the power of the sun requires some planning and professional help. Solar energy and energy storage systems (ESS) come with some daunting considerations, including overcurrent protection, disconnecting means, wiringRead More →


“It is best to remove your pets from the house BEFORE you start moving your possessions. Allowing your pets to roam free in the house while the front door is propped wide open, and people are rushing in and out lugging boxes and furniture, just creates a recipe for disaster.”Read More →

(NC) Water damage can easily turn into a terrible nightmare like this: Melanie Smith of Toronto says she woke up one morning to an inch of water across her basement floor. This catastrophe was not part of her weekend plans, nor were the hours of clean-up and repair that wereRead More →

Halloween is meant to be scary, but a fun kind of scary – so it’s important to remember safety first amid all of the tricks and treats. “The main thing is to consider the age of the child,” says Kathy Macdonald, acting sergeant with the Calgary Police Service. The following tipsRead More →

Before your furnace kicks into full action, there are steps you can take now to spend less on energy throughout the winter. In Ontario, natural gas continues to be the most affordable choice for heating the home. While rates do change from time to time, natural gas continues to provideRead More →