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Don’t Pay Another Cent in Rent to Your Landlord… It’s a dream we all have—to own our own home and stop paying rent. But if you’re like most renters, you feel trapped within the walls of a house or apartment that doesn’t feel like yours. How could it when you’reRead More →


(NC) One of the best things about winter is coming inside from the frigid weather to a cozy and welcoming environment. To make your home a space where you’ll want to hibernate all season long, check out these tips. Add layers of lighting. Our winters can be long and cold, soRead More →


(NC) What is the best gift you have ever received? Was it a surprise, a toy, or an experience? The holidays are meant for bringing people together and giving back to your community and loved ones. As times evolve there are more unique ways to give than ever before. HereRead More →


(NC) As the cooler weather hits and the garden growing season ends, getting your home organized inside and out is a must. Here are some easy fall around the house clean-up tips: “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall” F. Scott Fitzgerald For the yard,Read More →


(NC) On average, Canadians spend more than an hour and a half in their kitchens per day according to research by The Home Depot Canada. With a few simple tweaks, you can have a kitchen that’s uniquely you without having to fork over money for a full renovation. Cabinet refacing. If you like the layout of your space, cabinet refacing is a budget-friendly solution for a quick and easy update. AnRead More →

(NC) Spring is a time to start fresh. While we love escaping from our winter hibernation to enjoy the outdoors, many of us dread the spring cleaning routine that ultimately follows to get our homes ready for the season. Since dusting, sweeping and organizing aren’t usually our favourite activities, theseRead More →

(NC) There are several things you can do to achieve a kitchen that’s closer to the one you dream of without the hassle of large scale renovations that involve knocking down walls and replacing every appliance you own. Elegant, inviting, sleek, trendy, and warm – these are how you wantRead More →

(NC) When fall comes, the days get shorter and there is a chill in the air. We start decorating our homes again, anticipating the holiday season and the long winter ahead. Kim Kiner, an expert with Hunter Douglas, a leading window treatment company, offers the following tips for warming upRead More →

Consider your hallways as an extension of any room in your house, be it your dining room, kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom. Small spaces with plenty of foot traffic should not be left bare. For most homeowners, it’s important to make the most of every room and wall, even those transitional spaces that areRead More →

Here are five simple steps to organize your basement so you can look forward to spending time there. Basements are often the most cluttered areas of the home. It’s easy to keep shoving items down there when we don’t know where else to store them. However, the basement is the foundation of a house; if stuffRead More →