Read this BEFORE you visit your first model home! When shopping for your home, you’ll discover that most homes on the market are resales. Yet, one out of four homebuyers purchases a new home. Both new homes and resales offer advantages. Before you make a decision, let’s . . .Read More →


After successfully selling over 1,200 homes in the area, I can tell you with confidence what works and what doesn’t to get your home sold for the best result. FACT: There is no substitute for proven, aggressive and effective marketing on your home. Effective marketing calls out to the buyersRead More →


“It is best to remove your pets from the house BEFORE you start moving your possessions. Allowing your pets to roam free in the house while the front door is propped wide open, and people are rushing in and out lugging boxes and furniture, just creates a recipe for disaster.”Read More →

HOME NEWS Spring Edition In this month’s issue of Team Bush’s Home News – Spring Edition: Learn how to go from Stuck to Unstuck Spring Market Investor’s Corner with Cash Flow Properties Help the Kidz “FROM STUCK TO UNSTUCK” I am a big history buff. Most adults of reasonable successRead More →

A new year brings plenty of resolutions, and this year will also bring plenty of change when it comes to mortgages. These changes will affect the market in several ways, according to a 2016 Digital Money Trends Report. Here are some trends that may be here to stay in the yearRead More →

(NC) Before you hire a contractor for your home renovation or repair project, here are some important questions you need to answer. Remember that professional contractors can provide clear answers to your questions. If they can’t, they’re not the right contractor for you. Is this the right contractor? You needRead More →

(NC) When starting a new renovation project for your home, you want to hire only the most qualified tradespeople to make sure the job gets done right. After all, if you wouldn’t hire an uncertified doctor to look after your health, then why would you consider contracting an uncertified electricianRead More →