(NC) One of the best things about winter is coming inside from the frigid weather to a cozy and welcoming environment. To make your home a space where you’ll want to hibernate all season long, check out these tips. Add layers of lighting. Our winters can be long and cold, soRead More →


(NC) Finding the perfect gift during the holidays for everyone on your list is tough. But with a little creative, out-of-the-box thinking, you can choose meaningful presents that still fit in your budget. Here are some ideas: Quality time. This idea is a twist on the popular “experiences, not things” gift-givingRead More →

(NC) Festive gatherings should be fun and heartwarming occasions, but choosing the perfect hostess gift for every party can get to be a headache. The classic bottle of wine, box of chocolates or cute kitchen accessory all spring to mind, but what are some other options? Here are five holiday-themedRead More →

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I use to start decorating November 1st. but then my daughter Caty reminded me to at least wait until after Remembrance Day and I thought this was a good idea. So the reason I like to get started early is toRead More →

One of the Bush traditions for celebrating a birthday involves wearing a ridiculous hat, while the rest of the family takes embarrassing photos of you. We started this tradition when my mom (aka Coleen Bush) bought a funny looking “birthday hat.” Now ever since this hat was brought into our familyRead More →