Day 11 Challenge


Today’s Challenge is to Leave a BIG Tip!

Many people in the service industry rely on tips to earn a liveable wage. We all have bad days, even if your service was less than the best, spread your kindness through generosity.

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Take a photo of your receipt or a video of the reaction of the person you are tipping.

Share your photo or video on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #teambushrandomactsofkindness2019

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Imagine the difference YOU can make in the life of someone in the service industry. Your generousity could be the difference to someone else’s Holiday season. That little extra could be just the thing someone needs to put food on the table for their family or help a single mom buy toys for her kids this Christmas or lift the spirits of someone who is in desperate need. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE with each Random Act of Kindness.

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