Day 15 Challenge

“Shovel Your Neighbour’s Driveway and Sidewalk When It Snows”

With the snow flying this month, there is a HUGE need for people to help in your neighbourhood. Especially with seniors or those that have physical limitations, even for new parents in your community. So pick up your snow shovel or snow blower and clear off the snow on your neighbour’s driveway, pathways to their door and sidewalks. This is also a great way to connect with your neighbours who might not have someone looking out for them over the holiday season.

You can also volunteer with a Snow Angels program like one that is hosted by the City of Hamilton which is a snow removal service for seniors and/or people with disabilities who live in the City of Hamilton. Due to overwhelming demand, there is a desperate need for volunteers that they had to stop accepting new clients who need snow removal. However, if you would like to become a Snow Angel, you can sign up to be a volunteer by filling out an application, click here:

Below is a video on how to Shovel Snow Safely! We hope it helps you stay safe and injury-free during our winter season.

Be sure to take a video or photos of you completing this challenge and post it to Facebook using the Hashtag



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