Today is Day 17 of our Random Acts of Kindness Challenge.

Your Challenge today is:

Leave Post-It Notes with words of positivity and kindness in random places.

We need your help to SPREAD JOY this holiday season and one way you can do that is by placing post-it notes with positive and uplifting messages in random places that people will see them. When you are out shopping, at work or school, leave your positivity post-it notes where people can find them. This year has been a struggle for so many and the holiday season is not always a joyful time for some. Your post-it note might be just the thing to brighten someone’s day and warm their heart. Grab a stack of sticky notes and spend five minutes writing out positive messages on each then place the sticky notes anywhere you think someone will find it. Some ideas: bus stop, community mailboxes, a hallway at work or school, on a computer screen of someone at work, or leave them hidden around your home.

The video below shows you more:

You can also take this Random Act Challenge to Facebook and Instagram by sharing positive message daily or several times throughout the day to your social media page.

Whichever way you choose to SPREAD JOY please share either a photo or video of you completing this challenge on your social media. Make sure to tag us in your post by using the hashtag #TeamBushRandomActsofKindness2020

We are donating $3 to CityKidz for every post and share of that post! Help us encourage others to do the same by sharing this post to your Facebook page!

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