Today is Day 21 of our Random Acts of Kindness Challenge.

Your Challenge today is:

With Christmas fast approaching and for many areas in Southern Ontario – lock down started today, it has left us confused, stressed and overwhelmed.

Today’s challenge is a reminder to Be Kind To Yourself and do something that brings JOY to your life! You know that saying, ‘You are no good to anyone when you don’t take care of yourself first’?

As things become chaotic this week, we want to CHALLENGE you for today’s #TeamBushRandomActsofKindness2020, you need to be kind to YOURSELF!!! We tend to take care of so many people around us, and spread kindness to others BUT we tend to forget to be kind to ourselves TOO!

Tell us, what are things that bring you JOY this time of year. To you like to craft? Meditate? Go for a hike on a trail? Bake goodies? We want to hear your ideas! Share on your Facebook page that you are completing the #teambushrandomactsofkindness2020 Day 21 Challenge and the way your Find Joy and are being kind to yourself! Share a photo or video and make sure to include the hashtag above so we can follow along! Don’t forget, we are still donate $3 for every post and every share of those posts that include that hashtag above to CityKidz!

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