Today is Day 23 of our Random Acts of Kindness Challenge.

Your Challenge today is:

Have a Virtual Christmas Cookie Making night with family and friends.

Use Zoom or Google Hangouts to host a virtual holiday baking party.

No Christmas is complete without a delicious batch of festive, sugary cookies. Even during a pandemic. Baking and decorating cookies is a treasured holiday activity that brings people together in a fun, creative and easy way. Sharing baked treats is just as festive as making them.

Virtual baking parties are a great way to keep it going while physically staying apart, we gathered some tips on how to adapt holiday baking to…well, 2020.

Have a plan and recipes ready before you start your virtual baking fest. Video chat platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangouts are great for bringing friends and family together.

Schedule a date and time for you and your loved ones to convene from their kitchens.

Decide logistics such as cookie recipes and gathering ingredients, before you start. 

Once you start video chatting, have a designated person read out the instructions, or take turns doing so, to simulate the experience of being together in-person, whether you’re pouring measurements or blending batter.

Make sure to show each other your progress, so you can detect (and even laugh about) common baking faux pas, such as dough that’s too runny (add flour) or dry (add milk or oil).

The joy of a baking party isn’t just in the cookies, however. Remember to chat, gossip and laugh, especially while you wait for your cookies to bake in the oven.

To spice things up, you can even grab your drink for a virtual happy hour.

After your cookies are ready, you can decorate them with frosting, sprinkles, and candies. 


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