Today is Day 26 of our Random Acts of Kindness Challenge.

Your Challenge today is:

Show your gratitude toward your loved ones for little things they do.

Your challenge today is to show how grateful you are for your loved ones. Saying thank you to someone to show how grateful you are for them is such a small thing but can have a huge impact on the lives of those you love as well as your own. Here are a few ideas for how else you can show someone you are grateful:

Send a Thank You note! Sending just a little note or email or even a Facebook post saying THANK YOU to a specific person is a nice touch and will go a long way.

Give a Free Hug! For those closest to us, that we can actually see in person, give them a HUG! Did you know… Research shows that hugging may also help reduce stress and lower your risk of anxiety, depression and illness. Hugs may even help you heal.

Do someone a Free Favour. Without expecting anything in return, do something nice for someone. Just something small. Get them a drink or a coffee, do a chore for them, offer to do an errand, anything they’d appreciate, really. Think of what the person likes, wants or needs, and try to do something (even something small) to help them. Actions speak louder than words, and doing something nice will show you’re grateful more than just saying it.


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