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Today is Day 5 of our Random Acts of Kindness Challenge.

Your challenge for today:

Mail a surprise “Happy Mail” package to someone you know

We are thrilled already with the responses of everyone spreading joy! We are only getting started and it has been so much fun! Today is Day 5 of our Random Acts of Kindness Challenge! You are challenged to send someone a surprise “Happy Mail” package. You can either drop this off at their door or send it thru the mail.

What is “Happy Mail”?  Happy mail is just what it sounds like…it’s mail that makes you happy. … It’s those special cards, notes or packages that come through the mail to make you smile. Happy mail is so much fun to receive, so send a smile to someone else. 

If you are not ‘Crafty’ or don’t have time to put together “Happy Mail”, there are quite a few websites where you can Shop Online and Ship Happy Mail boxes to someone special.

Here are few suggestions:




Buzz Box Fun Kits (this one has a really great story – check it out:

Share your experience with putting together your Happy Mail package to delivering it on your Social Media and make sure to include the Hashtag:


For every post and share of those posts, we will donate $3 to CityKidz!

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