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Today is Day 6 of our Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. Your challenge today is to pay for the car behind you at drive thru. 

Take a video or photo of you in Drive-Thru, capture the reaction of the Cashier at the Window then post about your experience on your social media.

Make sure to include the Hashtag:


For every post and share of those posts, we will be donating $3 for every share to CityKidz!

Have you ever had someone do this to you or have you ever done this before to someone else? We want to hear about your experience!

Did you know that your act of kindness might just start a chain reaction of #givingback that could not only inspire others to #payitforward, you also make the difference in someone else’s day when they need it the most!

With the way the pandemic has affected so many people, emotionally and financially, this simple act may affect their lives in a positive way! 

Take a look at this video of what one person did and the incredible reaction:

Follow along with all the amazing Random Acts of Kindness that people are sharing by clicking the hashtag above or check out our Team’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

We ask that you share any of those posts you see, for every post share, it will help the kids too!

Do you have any suggestions for our Random Acts of Kindness Challenge? We want to hear them! Contact us by phone or email, see info below!

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