I have heard the saying that you must walk in the other persons shoes before you know what they are going through. I have found this to be especially true, with our decluttering  project.

We often give advice as to what to do to get your home ready for the market; the main objective is to make your home spacious and uncluttered. Now that I have been at this decluttering and downsizing, I see how much time is involved and well as how overwhelming it can be.  It can be quite daunting especially if you are not focused and clear as to what you want and where you will be going.

We always ask if your home is serving you or are you serving your home just because it is easier to stay put and not deal wit the decluttering etc. to get your home ready to sell.

For us our main goal was to get our home  ready for the day we decide to sell as well as enjoy the improvements while we are there.

We have heard that it is better to do projects along the way and not all at once so that’s what we embarked on this summer.

We decided that painting and flooring were the two main projects.

Before the flooring and the painting could be done, we had to pack up everything in every room and closet; it was like a mini move.  Big insight there…how much work goes into that step. We not only packed, we did the sift and sort into different piles. (give away, throw away, keep).

I brought a few lovely pieces of furniture to Decor on a Dime to sell since once they were moved out of the room I realized I liked the room better without the extra furniture.


I made several trips to various places to donate clothing, toys and house hold gadgets.

We started from the upper bedroom level and took everything out of every room and closet so it would be ready for painting.

Once we had an empty room and closet we could begin thinking about the new personality and purpose of that room.  We decided we did not need 4 Bedrooms so we re-purposed one room into a spa room after eliminating the bed.


I use to think I had to use everything that I had and now I am looking at what do I love and want to keep as my treasures.

Our entire main floor has been in the process of being re-leveled so we have been chair less; everything is packed up on the main floor. Even our refrigerator is in the family room. We are being flexible, we have eaten in the basement, back yard and in the family room amongst the boxes.

You might say we were living out side of the box.


If you want to chat about your ideas of your decluttering and downsizing experience, I would love to hear from you so comment below with your questions or decluttering story.

Coleen Bush 

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