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My name is Elizabeth and I’m an administrator here at Bush Realty!

Ready to have some DIY fun?! I’ve had this sturdy end table for years, it served many purposes during my University life. It held all my research papers when I was in my “finals  frenzy”, but most of the time it was my dining room table.

One day I was cleaning up my apartment when I realized just how sad my little end table had gotten.







After noticing this I realized that it was time for an overhaul, and it just so happened that my Mom was going to pick up paint for her office, so I tagged along. When we were looking for colours at Benjamin-Moore I noticed they had these “sample pods” on sale for $2.50 a piece (reg $4.00).

DIY Table Bush Realty

The selection was incredible and I still can’t believe I narrowed my colours down to these 6. Keep in mind that I really LOVE colour, but you can easily pick three tones of purple, or grey, whatever colour works best with your home decor.

Here comes the really fun part! I decided I wanted a funky, geometric design on the top of my table and here is the during and after pictures:

Note: when doing a fun, funky project like this…get some great music going! I chose a Songza playlist called A Profoundly Funky Dance Party

                     The Process:

DIY Table Bush Team

                  The Finished Product:        

DIY Table Bush Realty







Here are the tools I used:

  • painters tape (I used frog tape)
  • 1.5 inch brush (if you are going to try this on your table, try using a smaller brush)
  • paint pods from Benjamin Moore
  • Varathane to prevent paint chipping

I loved that this project was under $20. The best part about this was seeing how amazing my table turned out, but I will admit, I gained lots patience doing this project. There was a lot of  brush cleaning and lots of prep work which I’m not a fan of but COME ON, who doesn’t love this table!!  One more tip to give you; you may see that some of the triangles look a little wonky. To get all the different sizes of triangles I cut the painters tape which seemed like a good idea at the time but when the tape was taken off I realized that some of the lines weren’t as crisp as I hoped. It may be beneficial to get different sizes of paint tape, or have really sharp scissors.

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