Downsizing or Transitioning from a home to an apartment or care facility can be an overwhelming experience; however a Book written by Susan Bewsey “Estate Downsizing for Caregivers” through SelfCounsel Press is an excellent resource with lots of charts and check lists to help you, as a caregiver or as the one transitioning.


This book will show you all the positives sides of downsizing, as well as, very detailed goal planning and inventory charts.

Check out this free download kit:

There is so much to think about and these guides will help you set and establish priorities.

Here is a fun idea; start a scrap book or a vision board of what you would like your next chapter to look like. Scan magazines and other periodicals for ideas and think out of the box.  This is an exciting time to choose what you would like rather than leaving it until you are not able to make your own decisions because of some potential health or family issues.

Schedule time to review your to do list daily. Revisit and revise plans daily, weekly, monthly as needed.

As you think about your options, read:  How to Age In Place by Mary A. Languirand.  This is another interesting read to help you stay where you are; however, the same planning is necessary to make sure you have the funds to stay put and get the care you need.

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