NEWSCANADA-5 GIFT IDEAS(NC) Festive gatherings should be fun and heartwarming occasions, but choosing the perfect hostess gift for every party can get to be a headache. The classic bottle of wine, box of chocolates or cute kitchen accessory all spring to mind, but what are some other options? Here are five holiday-themed gift ideas that are simple, thoughtful, suited to a range of tastes and won’t break the bank.


A box of holiday-themed coffee: If your hostess owns a Keurig brewing system, treat them to a special box of coffee. The velvety and woodsy Van Houtte Holiday Blend or rich and smooth Timothy’s Christmas Blend, available on, are both medium roast blends in K-Cup pods perfect after a family meal or over breakfast.
• Mason jars: These handy glass containers have a million and one uses: They can double as drinking glasses, flower pots, a place to keep homemade crafts, and of course a jar for your favourite homemade jam. Your hostess will be sure to appreciate this gift that can be reused in a variety of ways.
High quality nuts: Quality seasoned nuts are a guaranteed crowd pleaser at any party. With a wide variety to choose from like chocolate covered, salted and more, they can be shared with guests on the night or eaten as a snack the next day. It is thoughtful to check ahead for nut allergies.
Specialty olive oil: A bottle of high quality extra virgin olive oil shows you’ve gone the extra mile to thank your hostess for her hospitality. A gift that’s both classy and refined, olive oil is widely available at international food markets as well as regular supermarkets.
The gift of relaxation and pampering: Any party requires a lot of planning and preparation, not to mention the cleanup afterwards, so the gift of relaxation will be sure to delight any hostess. This could be as simple as a prepaid manicure or a gift certificate for a cleaning service so she can put her feet up once the guests have gone home.

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