(NC) There are several things you can do to achieve a kitchen that’s closer to the one you dream of without the hassle of large scale renovations that involve knocking down walls and replacing every appliance you own. Elegant, inviting, sleek, trendy, and warm – these are how you want to hear your kitchen described, and there are a few simple changes you can make a big impact.
Accessorizing your kitchen doesn’t have to interfere with your workflow and functionality, in fact, kitchen counter accessories can actually enhance it. If you’re on the quest to enhance work space while also achieving a balanced and clean design, look for products like the Blanco Quatrus Gourmet Series of sink accessories for their Quatrus sink collection.
“The Blanco Quatrus Gourmet Series delivers a smart and innovative space saving solution. This collection allows you to rethink the daily work in the kitchen, harmonizing everyday needs with a model kitchen look” explains Blanco’s marketing manager, Edyta Drutis.

These Blanco kitchen accessories will keep your space both stylish and functional:

Cutting board
While a cutting board is a tool that you use every day, it can act as a design centre feature for your kitchen. Look for warm wood colours to accentuate the tones of your sink. Blanco’s Ash Cutting Board incorporates functional style, fitting directly on top of the sink allowing you to chop and prepare ingredients and then move the excess and scraps into the sink below. It also serves as the countertop extension.

Many of us know the feeling of having a drawer filled with knives and utensils that can leave you constantly searching for the right kitchen tool. For a safe and design friendly way to organize and showcase these items, opt for a Workstation that holds sharp knives safely and conveniently to make these tools easy to find and clean later on.

Stainless steel grids
Your sink can be a highly overused appliance in your kitchen. To protect its finish from dishes and utensils, look for stainless steel sink grids that not only compliment the look of the sink but provide a non-skid protective base that allows water to drain below the dishes. This feature can do double duty to wash fruits, vegetables, and pots and pans inside your sink with ease.

Sink caddy
Dish sponges and soap left scattered around your sink can leave the area looking messy and even corrode your counter if left out for too long. Blanco’s stainless steel Magnetic Sink Caddy keeps clean up essentials like sponges and scrub brushes within reach and organized to give your sink area a spotless and fresh look.

More ideas on adding stylish space saving accessories to your kitchen are available at blancocanada.com.

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