Over the years, we have some ask us why we support CityKidz. We have personally seen how this organization has changed the lives of underprivileged children in our city. We have personally participated in packaging gifts for Christmas, Coleen and our kids have assisted with their programs and home visitations. Children are our future and we are committed to make a difference in our community.

(Coleen is 2nd from the right, on their way to wrapping gifts)

Through CityKidz we know that our gifts help kids build self-esteem through fun and engaging activities. When filled with hope and the love, children become positive role models and productive members of society right here in Hamilton.

It may shock you to know there is so much going on behind the scenes.

For example:

  • 55,858 children are safely transported to and from CityKidz
  • 27,929 meals were served to hungry CityKidz
  • 342 volunteers invested 1,543 hours weekly and a total of 80,180 hours throughout the year. Even at minimum wage, that represents a contribution of $822,234.50
  • 2300 children are impacted on a weekly basis
  • 63,897 weekly home visits are conducted by volunteers
  • 4274 Christmas gifts are delivered to deserving kid













Your Referal Help CityKidz

We will donate $250.00 for every referral, buyer or seller that results in a home sale.  Help us find just 10 people who need our services and we will donate $2,500.00 toward Christmas gifts to deserving kids.

You win! In helping make a donation, Your friends & family win! They enjoy the great service our team provides. We win! We get to make some new friends.

The kids win!  A gift like that can make a world of difference!

If you’re interested in finding out more about CityKidz, or want to get involved call 905-544-3996 x220 or tours@citykidz.ca


It’s easy to refer those you know considering buying or selling a home. 

  1. You can go to www. ReferralRewardsClub.com and

enter their contact info online or forward the link to who you know considering a move.

  1. Email us at info@bushrealtysystems.com with their name and number.
  2. Of course you can always call our Team direct at 905-297-4885.


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