(NC) The availability of information via the Internet makes doing just about anything by ourselves seem possible, but is it wise to take all matters into our own hands?

“When it comes to selling a home, you may want to consider working with a real estate professional,” says Pat Verge, president of the Ontario Real Estate Association. “Selling property involves large sums of money, stringent legal requirements and the potential for costly mistakes.”

If you’re thinking about flying solo through this time-consuming and financially perilous process, Verge encourages everyone to consider the following:

Look beyond the listings – In addition to posting your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) System, a Realtor can help develop a marketing plan, and offer tips and advice to make your property more attractive and “saleable.”

Time is money – Selling a home is a full time job, and you may already have one. Will you be able to take calls at any time? Or, will you know how to screen callers to figure out if they are serious candidates? Realtors remind us that they can sell your home in the least amount of time and for the best possible price.

It’s who you know – Professionals ensure that information about your home is relayed to a vast network of Realtors and potential home buyers in your market. The greater the exposure your property receives, the more likely you are to find a buyer.

For what it’s worth – Setting a listing price requires extensive knowledge and training as well as access to sophisticated market analysis. If the price is too high, buyers could be frightened off without even looking at the property; if it’s too low, you could miss out on thousands of dollars. Instead, a professional will work with you to decide upon and negotiate a realistic price.

It’s business – When an offer comes in, emotions can run high with so much money on the line. Verge reminds us that Realtors act on your behalf during negotiations to ensure your interests are protected.



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