Whether you are just moving into your new home, or you want to smarten up your current home, this list will give you the latest smart home technology that isn’t just cool, but can save you hundreds of dollars a year!

Smart home technology has gained a lot of traction in the last few years, many homeowners are making the switch. In fact, many new home builds have a lot of smart technology built right into them.

Smart LED Lightbulbs

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LED Lightbulbs use 70-90% less energy, on average than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Which can mean hundreds of dollars a year for people with larger homes that require more lighting. LED bulbs are dimmable, giving you the control on how much light you want.

Now with Philips Smart Hue LED bulbs, you are now able to change the colour to of that lightbulb to whatever you desire! Whether you’re trying to dive into a great novel or want to set the mood, you are now in complete control with smart technology.

Smart Thermostats

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According to Natural Resource Canada “Choosing an ENERGY STAR certified connected thermostat is a “smart” way to save at least 8% of that energy use and keep your home comfortable. Saving energy saves money and reduces your carbon footprint. “

This is huge for homeowners with older or larger homes. Smart thermostats give you the ability to time and schedule when it heats or cools your home. Also, you can control and track your usage all through your smartphone. Meaning you can control the temperature of your home wherever you are!

WIFI Smart Plugs

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These incredible devices plug right into your existing wall socket allowing you to control and time anything that plugs into the smart plug. Whether you want dinner to start cooking at a certain time while you’re at work, or control how long the kids are watching TV for.

Smart plugs can also reduce electrical bills, by killing any low-powered devices that might run overnight without you even noticing!

In conclusion, smart technology might not be for everyone, but they can definitely help you save hundreds a year and give you the control right in the palm of your hands!

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