(NC) Buying from local businesses injects money into the community, helps create jobs, and reduces environmental impact due to shorter shipping distances. If you haven’t yet made a habit of shopping in your neighbourhood, here are five easy ways to support local businesses:


  • Make a goal of it. Commit to one day a week where you will check out a different local business or restaurant. Not sure where to start? Ask your friends if they have any favourite neighbourhood hot spots, or use an app like YP Shopwise to see if there are any deals or savings nearby on everyday items you could be taking advantage of.


  • Change things up. Grocery time? Try your neighbourhood independent grocer, a local farmers’ market, or even a food co-op. Alternatively, if you always shop for the newest fashions online, visit a local boutique instead.


  • Think outside of the box. Shopping local doesn’t just mean buying products. You can also ‘shop’ for a haircut, a car tune up, or a spa day. If you’re looking for a thoughtful present, vouchers for local services make great gifts as well.


  • Focus on customized, independent and homemade. The area where most independent businesses shine is customized and homemade products. Whether its jam, t-shirts, or granola, goods purchased from the person who created them are generally higher quality than a generic version.


  • Check out local Direct Selling companies. Most local families start a direct selling business to support their families while being able to flexible to be home for their children.


  • Look for the Shop the Neighbourhood logo. Shop the Neighbourhood program is a nationwide initiative of Yellow Pages that encourages Canadians to support small business by shopping locally on November 28, 2015.

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