(NC) A barbecue master is looking for prime performance at all times, no matter whether they fire up the old-faithful every year or splurge on a new top-of-the-line grill.

Dara Greenberg, the senior merchant for grills at The Home Depot Canada shares her go-to cleaning tips to get the most out of your barbecue all summer long.

Give it a good wipe down

Clean the exterior with soapy water to remove any build up that can occur from sitting outside. Try to do this every couple of weeks to help remove any dust and residue sitting loose on your grill.

Choose your weapon wisely

When cleaning inside, traditional brushes with bristles work well for porcelain enamel-coated grates, whereas grillstone blocks or a warm cloth with soapy water are good for stainless steel grates. Not familiar with grillstone blocks? When you rub these back and forth, the shape of the block will conform to the grates to make access to narrow areas easy.

Turn it up before turning off

Make your clean-up process easy by increasing the heat after cooking. Close the grill and set the control on high for 10 minutes. The extreme temperature will burn off any remaining food items like cheese or chicken and the charred remnants will be easier to remove.

No one likes a party crasher

Gas pipes are notorious for housing spiders and getting logged with spider webs which can affect the level of gas getting to your burners over time. Once you’ve made sure that the propane tank is turned off, use a pipe cleaner to remove anything that may be stuck.

Taking care of your grill will help it to function better and longer so that all your barbecues are masterful.

Additional information is available at homedepot.ca.

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