I realized that some stages have built in momentum.  When the painter is coming you have to be ready and packed or the flooring people need rooms cleared and furniture moved.  It is easy to implement the action plan because you have a built in time line.


I am realizing that the relief of having the major projects: the flooring and the painting done.


It is easy to leave the boxes and forget about them rather than unpacking and doing a further downsizing/declutter sort.

As  I mentioned you do not have to put everything back but neither do you want to leave the boxes lurking in the basement or spare room.

We have a lot of boxes of trinkets and nick Knacks-so my goal is one box a week to keep the momentum going.

I have taken pictures of many of the trinkets and nick knacks which were passed on to me and emailed them to various consignment stores.  I found out very quickly that these were not the type of items that they sell.

Note call or email the consignment stores so you do not waste time and energy taking them to the store only to find out that they do not want them.

There are many donation centers are willing to have the treasures.

So the main point here is to move at least one box a week-donating, consigning or re purposing.

I have had a lot of fun moving around art work and mirrors and using them in different rooms.  I have spray painted  gold framed mirrors to suit our new Grey color scheme.

So shop your home for first to make sure you are not throwing something out that can be used with a little imagination and have fun.  What do you have to loose-if you don’t like it find another home for it and it may be someone else’s treasure.


I realized that some of our furnishings did not go with our new updated look so I took pictures of the chairs and will sell them and use the money toward new chairs that I will most likely pick up at the local consignment or thrift store.  My updated accessories  will not cost too much since the money from selling old pieces  will be put toward the updates.

For more information check out theses resources:

Check out “lisa patriquin book on downsizing”:

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