This week I chatted with a couple of people who were thinking of selling their family home.  Letting go of your home is not always easy.  This lady was attached to her home since her Dad built it and could not imagine parting with the home and all it has meant in her life and her children’s lives.

We can all empathize the attachment is pretty sticky with a lot of pulls to hang on to the home. The big question is:  “Is this Home life giving or is it keeping you in the past?”   or put it another way “Is your home serving your needs or are you being a slave to your home?” It is easy to  get stuck where we are because it is safe and comfortable and we know what we have.   We forget that there is so many life style options that exisit

We are bound and determined to hang on to what we have.  I am always reminded of the little boy who got his hand stuck in the  jar and couldn’t get his hand out because he was hanging on so tightly to the penny in side the jar.  If he only let go he could easily get his hand out.

So often we hang onto things in life and end up robbing us of future blessings.

I too am a home body and love my home and am not ready for a move yet,  but keep on the de-cluttering path because I know the day is coming.

On another note, we visited a gentleman who has been thinking about a move for years.  He is on his own, his wife passed away many years ago and has had many students stay with him over the years.

It’s easier to stay where you are because you know what you have.  However, this week things changed for him.  He stopped by a local retirement village and the lights went off.  He could see the new chapter unfolding because he got a glimpse of a community and home that he could enjoy and thrive in. It can happen that quickly…getting a glimpse at what the future could be is all it takes to fan the flame of change.

He now has 30-40 years of clutter to deal with but it is easier now because he has a vision for what his new home will look like.

The moral of the story is while looking for your next home, condo or rental  keep de-cluttering.

During the letting go and moving forward you will be clearing out space in your home and mind to live a simple uncluttered life. To help you with a plan follow  the 52 Weeks of DE-cluttering list on the previous post.



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