Merry Christmas from all of us at Team Bush

Enjoy our Christmas Music Playlist on YouTube that we put together for you. You could cast the videos to your TV to enjoy the beautiful videos while listening to Classic Christmas music to enjoy during your Holiday Celebrations. Click the video below:

We are continuing our #TeamBushRandomActsofKindness2020 Challenge and your Day 25 challenge is:

Share photos of past Holiday Celebrations with family and friends.

One of the kindest ways to stay connected over the holidays is by sharing memories of past Holiday Celebrations. If you are tech-savy, you could put together a video slideshow that you could share with family and friends over social media. Or simply post photos and tag those people in the posts so they can walk down memory lane with you. Include the hashtag #TeamBushRandomActsofKindness2020 and we will donate $3 to CityKidz for every post shared.

We hope that today, you create new memories and traditions and that you stay safe & healthy during the holiday season. We are so thankful for each one of you. We consider it a JOY and Privilege to be a part of your lives and your real estate plans whether present, past or future.

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