Working for my parent’s real estate business has been an amazing opportunity this summer. As a kid I always thought real estate was about taking people out to view homes, until they bought one. Now I knew there was more to it as I grew older, however, I still thought the whole process was altogether pretty “boring.” Well that’s before I worked in the real estate industry. Long behold I found out how interesting working for a real estate team was. Everyone has their own unique set of skills and abilities, which they put to use in the business to ultimately better serve the client. Now I’m sure there’s other real estate agents that work alone and do a great job juggling the marketing, administrative, and client-side aspect of their business. But when it comes to marketing your home online, completing all the paperwork on time, promoting your business, showing homes to clients, and washing the dishes at home you’re left with a small margin of time in the day to actually help each client. It’s just like playing soccer with one person vs. a team, which side would you choose?

wesBy Wesley Bush (Craig & Coleen Bush’s son)

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