As we de-cluttered and changed up the flooring and paint our old style did not fit.
The tables that use to be covered with table clothes did not suit the new clean uncluttered look. I thought that re-finishing the dining room table would give it a new life. That was after Craig had already spent a lot of time using coconut oil and a hot iron and damp cloth to take out many of the stains.


However even with out the big white spots on the table there were still scratches that seemed to be accentuated with the new stream of light coming in from the window that use to be obstructed by the hutch ( which is currently for sale at Decor on a Dime).
Amazing how light changes your perspective on things in good and bad ways.

I looked at refinishing the table as a fun makeover project but Craig however is more of a perfectionist especially when it comes to paint so we had our differences about the table on how and what should be done.
I agreed to take extra time sanding and Craig even bought the new stick on sanding paper which made a huge difference-the other sand paper kept falling off the sander and took more time fiddling with it to put it back on than sanding.
Craig also bought the wood filler for the blemishes and so we sanded some more and gave it a coat of Fusion Chocolate paint ( it is a primer and paint all in one).
One coat into the project and it was looking pretty good-almost all the blemishes gone except for a couple.  To get a more polished look we re sanded and painted again.
We are putting a clear coat of varathane, which we used as a top coat on our stairs on so this table will be family friendly and easy to maintain.


Stay tune to our next project decorating for Christmas with a new colour scheme.

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