Yesterday we met with a client that has been De-cluttering and getting ready for the Downsize move. We had met with her back in March and gave her some tips to get her home ready.

She was a good student. We walked into her home and it was neutrally painted and sparsely furnished. She had spent a good bit of time editing her furniture and De-cluttering.

She had just the basic furniture in each room to show the unique function of each room. Her home looks a little sparse but if you have to err it is best to have less than more.

Remember when your home goes on the market -you are selling space so make your home look spacious.

When we asked where she was going; it was quite refreshing to hear her open minded attitude. She really did not have a clear cut plan as to where she was moving.
Often we think we need to know all the details before we move and that is not always the case. You can move forward and make plans as you go…how is that for thinking outside of the box.

Sometimes renting or staying with your family allows you time to think and get your bearings.

You can pretend that you are on vacation  and explore and discover your new neighborhood before you make a huge financial decision to purchase there.

We are here to help you through the many questions along the way.  We take a no pressure consultative approach putting your needs first.

It can be an exciting time!

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