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Neighbor saying Goodbye

While doing some late night gardening after a walk around the neighborhood with Craig a big black pick up truck pulled up and out came a lovely lady who I had not seen for some time.  She was a neighbor in our survey. She was coming by to say goodbye.  She had sold her home and was moving to the cottage which they had purchased 15 years ago.  Her husband retired in March so no need for the big 4 bedroom home.

Difficulty in saying Goodbye

We talked for some time-about the empty nest.  Her children had graduated from  university and now ….she shared the feeling of loss.  She said that many of her friends that took different paths with careers did not feel the same loss that she did…the children where her world and now they are living their lives independently.

She just felt so unprepared for  this new season.

She said it was a huge  void after being  a stay at home mom.

I could empathize with her since we too have experienced the empty nest with 2 children away for university and one just getting married last December.

The other big adjustment was with her husband being retired she has been able to see how they have been both very busy and have tended to lead independent lives that were focused on the children and their involvements.

She is a non-stop go-getter and her husband is an analytical thinker that enjoys sitting and relaxing.  They are now chatting about things that they can do together.

Who would have thought that there would have been so much to plan for retirement and for downsizing?  Fortunately, there are many people before us that we can look at their examples of what they have done.  There is no right or wrong.  What things are you doing to prepare for the next chapter?

Remember to ask a lot of questions and then put your self in the driver seat and see what you would like your future to look like in 5 years.

The nice thing of having a plan is that you get to change it up and navigate the best future you can.


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