(NC) There are several things you can do to achieve a kitchen that’s closer to the one you dream of without the hassle of large scale renovations that involve knocking down walls and replacing every appliance you own. Elegant, inviting, sleek, trendy, and warm – these are how you wantRead More →

(NC) When fall comes, the days get shorter and there is a chill in the air. We start decorating our homes again, anticipating the holiday season and the long winter ahead. Kim Kiner, an expert with Hunter Douglas, a leading window treatment company, offers the following tips for warming upRead More →

Consider your hallways as an extension of any room in your house, be it your dining room, kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom. Small spaces with plenty of foot traffic should not be left bare. For most homeowners, it’s important to make the most of every room and wall, even those transitional spaces that areRead More →

As we de-cluttered and changed up the flooring and paint our old style did not fit. The tables that use to be covered with table clothes did not suit the new clean uncluttered look. I thought that re-finishing the dining room table would give it a new life. That wasRead More →

  I realized that some stages have built in momentum.  When the painter is coming you have to be ready and packed or the flooring people need rooms cleared and furniture moved.  It is easy to implement the action plan because you have a built in time line.   IRead More →

(NC) Summer is here and while not all of us can escape to the beach or cottage, we can create our very own backyard oasis. It starts with considering what you already have and the areas of your backyard that could use a little love. Your oasis should reflect yourRead More →

(NC)—You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a landscape architect to add major impact to your garden this spring. Try these simple and affordable tips to get it looking beautiful in no time:  Fun fences. Are you faced with a concrete wall? Put up a trellis or two forRead More →