(NC) When starting a new renovation project for your home, you want to hire only the most qualified tradespeople to make sure the job gets done right. After all, if you wouldn’t hire an uncertified doctor to look after your health, then why would you consider contracting an uncertified electrician to wire your home?
In Ontario there are 156 skilled trades, 22 of which are compulsory, meaning anyone practicing the work of these trades is legally required to be certified and a member of the Ontario College of Trades. This includes work on your plumbing, electrical, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
Ensure the tradespeople you’re hiring to perform compulsory work at your home are certified to perform the work by checking with the college, the regulatory body for tradespeople in the province.
“Before you have any work done on your building or renovation project, or any work that involves a compulsory trade, check the Public Register on the College’s website and quickly find out if the tradesperson you are speaking with is qualified to do the job,” recommends Bob Onyschuk, the director of compliance and enforcement at the College. “If they don’t have an active membership, they are not legally certified to perform the trade in Ontario.”
Here are five tips to consider when planning your next project that will save you money and stress:
1. Maintain and grow your property investment and experience fewer of the costly mistakes made by unqualified workers.
2. Keep your family safe from work performed by uncertified workers by hiring certified tradespeople to do the job.
3. Get discounts from your certified tradesperson’s preferred suppliers and use their recycled materials and retrofitted equipment wherever possible.
4. Never pay the full amount up front to ensure the work gets completed.
5. Check if the compulsory tradespeople you plan to hire are certified by visiting collegeoftrades.ca.



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