Craig and I did something that was a little foreign to us – we unplugged for one week while vacationing in the Dominican. This trip was so unlike us in that we decided one evening that we needed a vacation and booked it in less than 20 minutes. Typically we’d spend a
lot more time doing research and sorting out all the details. However, we wanted every part of this trip to be simple, so we checked what was available from the Hamilton airport and booked it right away. Although this was certainly not our normal way of doing things we had
enjoyed one of our best vacations because of this simple/spontaneous approach.

Usually when we go away we are pretty connected to what’s going on back home as well as in our business. As small business owners this is the norm – even on vacation. However, when we decided to take a break from being connected. It was stressful at first since you are away from all your little gadgets and you get constant reminders to check your phone every five minutes (or at least I do). Instead of regularly checking our gadgets we read paper books, not e-books. We had regular long walks on the beach and were able to
enjoy full conversations – without those little interruptions. After a few days of being disconnected we realized that it had been over 12 years since we had “really” disconnected. Now more than ever in society it is easier to stay connected. Even if you’re just going to pick up a coffee at Starbuck or McDonald’s you’ll get a free serving of
connectedness juice (aka WI-FI).

Fortunately at the resort the Wi-Fi was not readily available so we made an executive decision to stay disconnected. Terri our amazing administrator made this decision a little easier for us when she told us we didn’t need to text, call or email for one week. It is such a
blessing to have a capable team back at home taking care of business and helping our clients.

If you haven’t had an unplugged day or week, we would totally recommend it.
It is a perfect gift for yourself.

Blessings, Craig and Coleen

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