keep-calm-and-love-travelling-5(NC) Last winter reminded us why so many Canadians pack up and head south with the birds.

If you plan to vacation for an extended period of time this year, Hydro One has some helpful tips to protect your home and your wallet:

  • Electronic devices left plugged in, even when turned off, still draw power. That’s called phantom or standby power, and it’s costing you money. Unplug the following electronics while you are away: television, home theatre system, computer monitor, printer, electronic chargers and other appliances you don’t need while you are on vacation. If you have Pay-TV services, you will probably want to keep your cable television converter powered up at all times to avoid the risk of running into rebooting problems.
  • For increased security, use timers on light fixtures inside and outside your home. Using timers is much less costly in the long run than leaving your lights on all day. Fluorescent lighting requires special dimmers or timers, so make sure you use the correct ones.
  • Turn down the temperature in your home to 16 degrees Celsius.

So remember to Unplug Before Travelling this Winter to SAVE Household Costs.

Additional energy saving tips for your home or business can be found online at

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