HouseInSnow(NC) Make sure your home is winter-ready now that the deep freeze is just around the corner. By weatherproofing, for example, every homeowner can prevent heat from escaping through leaky doors and windows, all of which will manage energy use and reduce electricity bills.

Take a look at these helpful quick tips from Hydro One:

  • Fill the gaps! Check the trim on windows for openings between the frame and your house. As much as 13 per cent of your home’s heat loss could be escaping through the gaps. If possible, stuff insulation between the window and frame or try caulking around the window.
  • On sunny winter days, trap warm air inside by opening window coverings to let the warmth of the sun in. Once the sun goes down, close the coverings to keep the warmth in. Think of your curtains as insulation for your windows.
  • Another inexpensive option is to build a barrier against cold by sealing your windows with indoor plastic sheeting just for the winter. All you need is a hair dryer, double sided tape, and some inexpensive plastic sheeting.
  • If your doors aren’t properly fitted, air is leaking outside. Rubber weather stripping can be an easy way to seal the door by creating a skirt on the door frame.
  • If you have a fireplace that you never use, consider getting it sealed as warm air is sucked out if the damper is open. If you do enjoy sitting by the fireplace, make sure you turn down your main thermostat. Fires can actually draw heat from the room up the chimney so your furnace has to work even harder.

More tips on how to Keep the Hot Air In and the Cold Air Out are available at

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