We Have the Home Buyers

we have the home buyers
  1. We have Buyers in Waiting. We have over 9,721 buyers in our database who have provided their information and a detailed description of their ideal home. It is likely that a buyer for your home may already be in our database. From this list of qualified home buyers, 98.8% plan to live in the home and call it their own.(as opposed to investors). This means, you are more likely to receive a higher offer on your home. Plus, the possibility of multiple offers in a short time frame. These home buyers are what we consider “True Homeowners” who are more likely to provide you with the highest offer. With our qualified buyers, we may have your Home already Sold! 
  2. Your Home Will Sell Faster Than the Average Agent because Team Bush sells our client’s homes, on average, in 20 days. The average agents sell theirs in 68 days. 
  3. Your Home Will Sell Twice As Fast. Financially there are extra things we can do for you that other real estate agents and brokers don’t offer. Your home will get more exposure to more buyers in a larger area.
  4. Your Home Is More Likely To Sell. Average agents only sell 71% of the homes they list. At Team Bush, our average is 89%.
  5. One Day Listing GUARANTEE. You can test drive a car!…why not your Realtor?!  At Team Bush we have a one day listing GUARANTEE! This guarantee allows you to fire us at anytime if you’re not 100% satisfied!

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